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The Jeff Mitchell E-Mail Annoucement List Message

Friday, December 17th, 2004

Hi everybody,

Hope you’re all well, warm, fed, and happy. Here’s the latest updates on what I’ve been up to…

October was a great month, with two Halloween shows (one in Menomonie,WI and the other here in Decorah,IA). I got to wire together a big. obnoxious rig to play with synth, uke, guitar, kick-drum, and probably way too many effects. For the Decorah show, I got to haul all that stuff up a three-story fire escape! Had to play extra well then. That show also featured a rarity when my longtime friend and collaborator Arne sat in on drum machine for a couple songs. The man has some impressive index fingers. Particularly notable was a blazing rendition of the Stewartville High School fight song.

Other highlights have included the launch of, my new, self-indulgent home on the Web. It’s all thanks to evil web-master Faust Gertz. If you haven’t been to the site yet, please stop in. There’s a schedule which I solemnly pledge to keep current, photo and art galleries with lots of obscure asides if you click on the photos, and several unreleased MP3′s available only at the site. They include two Jackson Street Polecats (my jugband comrades in Oshkosh,WI) songs from a live performance on WRST, Oshkosh. There’s a song from Knuckle (rock and roll with Arne “fingers” Hengesteg of Decorah on drums and erik berry of Duluth,MN (mandolinist of Trampled By Turtles) on electric bass. Not to be missed for metalheads, Takoh Tuesday’s version of “Halloween” by the Misfits. (Takoh Tuesday is a Black Sabbath cover band featuring me, erik berry, and Durand native but Madison resident Bryan Jacks on the Drums. I know it’s a Misfits song and we’re a Sabbath band… cut me some slack. The track was recorded (crudely) in front of a very enthusiastic, moshing audience at the Acoustic Cafe’ in Menomonie,WI on Halloween night a couple years back.

I’m excited to announce my holiday gift to you lucky few. I’ve posted MP3′s of two brand-new songs I wrote for Faust and his wife Tanya. “Jingle Your Jingle Bells” and “Monkey and the X-mas Blues” may just change your life.

For those of you in the Decorah area, I and Otter Dreaming have been working with a group of homeshoolers in preparation for the annual Burning Bright solstice concert at the United Methodist Church in Decorah. The show is tomorrow (Dec. 18th) at 5:00 and 7:30PM. The kids have been collecting ambient sounds and creating instruments to emulate those sounds. They’ve written their own song incorporating the instruments and I think it’s great. There’s also a slim chance I may be sitting in on a performance at the HayMarket later Saturday night. It’s sketchy at this point, but if the show happens, it will feature analog synthesizers and lots of drums. Sounds fun to me…

In other news, November saw a rare Jackson Street Polecats show at the Main Entrance in Prairie Du Chien. As usual, the Polecats epitomized refinement, technical prowess, and taste within the Jug-Band genre.

Watch the schedule for upcoming solo shows at the Main Entrance and the HayMarket. I’ll be in Boston over the holidays and may play a few open mics. Other than that, I’ll be working on my new solo album and trying to keep the cabin warm. All the best to all of you. Happy Whatever You’re Into. love, Jeff

p.s. please help spread the word about, also, venue suggestions and feedback in general is much appreciated. contact me at thanks.