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The Jeff Mitchell E-Mail Annoucement List Message

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

hey you people on my mailing list.

i know i’ve been writing a lot lately but there’s a lot going on! what can i say?
i’m sorry…
this is awkward.


Magpie Coffeehouse

I’ll be opening up with a solo set for Oshkosh indie r√łkkers, HAPPY (who will probably be upset with me for calling them indie, but they are, maybe they are math, emo, pop, dingleberry rock. who can say?) and Asheville, North Carolina’s THE POLES. The Poles also rock. These are nice guys (at least the ones I know). I bet they’d sure appreciate a warm Decorah welcome.

You can judge their character for your bad selves by looking at pictures of them on their respective websites…

they’ve also got MP3s and all that junk.
That’s all I have to say. Please don’t be upset with me.

your musical servant,

Jeffrey Ryan Mitchell

The Jeff Mitchell E-Mail Annoucement List Message

Friday, May 20th, 2005


Just wanted let you all know, I WON’T be at the farmers’ market in Decorah this Saturday (unless of course, I need some delicious, locally grown vegetables or tasty meat from animals to eat). Raymundo will be playing the guitar that day and I’ll play on a different Saturday. You should go hear Raymundo play. I’ve heard he actually knows what he’s doing.

Sorry for any soul-crushing disappointment I may have caused.

yours, Jeff

The Jeff Mitchell E-Mail Annoucement List Message

Thursday, May 19th, 2005


Would you like to hear me play music?
You’re in luck! I play music and I’m playing soon!
Your life will be so much better from now on…

May 21
8-11 AM
Decorah Farmers’ Market
I’ll be playing an all-acoustic unamplified set at the farmers’ market across from the post office in downtown Decorah, IA. If you’ve always said to yourself, “I like Jeff and his music but he’s just too doggone loud!” this is the day for you. If you like locally grown/raised vegetables and meats, then this is also the day for you. If you like to dress up like a leprechaun and chase your pets around with a big knife, you need serious help. Now.

June 3
8:30-11 PM
Solo at the Acoustic Cafe’/ Winona,MN
The Acoustic in Winona is the first coffeehouse stage I ever played back in the early 90s. I haven’t been back since. Please help me rectify the situation by showing up and I promise to at least attempt to entertain you. I miss you Acoustic Cafe’. I miss your hoagies. I need you. We need you. When this is all over, I think we should get an apartment together…

June 4
8-11 PM
Sabor Latino II/ Decorah, IA
So Greg Brown is playing a benefit concert at Luther College in Decorah at 7:30 this same night. You should probably go because it benefits the Decorah Free Medical Clinic which is a really cool thing. If you can’t afford the $20 ticket, you should come see me. Consider me the poor man’s Greg Brown. If you go to see Greg, you should come see me when he’s done and have drinks, carouse, eat tacos or something. If the weather is nice, I’ll play in the courtyard, if it rains, I’ll play in the basement.

That’s probably about enough from me.

love, Jeff