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Polecats at DORKFEST 2005!!!

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

DORKFEST 2005 is going to rule. The lineup will include the JACKSON STREET POLECATS, HAPPY, and THE LEMURS (maybe THE WILLIS will play too. i dont know). This should be lots of fun. Happy is a great rock band. The Lemurs are a punk rock cover band. I haven’t seen them play but knowing the people involved, it will rule. I can only hope that they play a couple songs by Lemur guitarist Jason Baer’s band FANGED HORSE. Fanged Horse is frickin awesome.

Jackson St. Polecats at Cranky Pat’s

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

The Polecats will eat twelve large pizzas per member. Then the Polecats will play an evening of flawless jug-band music. Then the Polecats will go to sleep.

The Jeff Mitchell E-Mail Annoucement List Message

Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Hey you. You’re looking good. I have a headache.

Hi everybody. Three cheers for evil webmaster Faust who got the mailing list up and running again. You didn’t even notice did you? Oh, well.

It’s frikkin’ HOT in Decorah, Iowa where I, Jeff Mitchell, live. If you are someplace cool, pity us poor slobs here.

I am through with complaining. I want to tell you something.

COME TO DORKFEST 2005!!!!!!!!!

Do you like ukuleles? Do you like rock and roll music? Can you never hear them at the same venue on the same night? Are you a pathetic DORK?

this SATURDAY JULY 23RD!!!!!!
at the NEW MOON CAFE!!!! in OSHKOSH!!!!!!
Featuring the JACKSON STREET POLECATS!! (the world’s most handsome jug-band)
HAPPY!!! (Oshkosh rawk superstars!)
and maybe STEVE McCABE!!!!! (dork)

I don’t know how much this will cost you but it will be CHEAP!!!!

Also, my suave jug band the POLECATS will be playing
Friday, July 22nd
at CRANKY PAT’S in NEENAH this show will also be awesome (did i mention DORKFEST will be awesome?).

take care, Jeff