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We hope you enjoy our new direction!

Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Welcome to a new direction for Lonesome Gallery. While we are figuring out our new direction, the old site will still be available. But, this new direction is going to rock! You think I’m kidding, but I kid you not! It is really going to rock your world.

The Jeff Mitchell E-Mail Annoucement List Message

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Hello people.
How’s it going?

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been taking a break from playing shows for a little bit. Got a couple big things coming up soon however…


Over the Back Fence radio show
Commonweal Theatre, Lanesboro, MN
I’ll be playing a short solo set (a few songs) for this great live radio show. I’ve played there a few times and it’s always fun.

I’m going to break from my tradition of only promoting my own shows here (oh yeah, i guess i told you about that Gwar show a while back)

On SAT. AUGUST 27th…

…my fair city of Decorah, Iowa will be hosting the massive FREE music, arts, and food festival LIVE ON WINNEBAGO. This will be my second year as stage manager for the event and I even got to design the t-shirt this year so that’s my connection. Anyway, there will be lots of good bands.

“who?” you say…

Afro-Caribe Arawak
played horns for Prince among others. very tight.
incredible hulk of jazz violin
hip-hop in Decorah? I may soil my pants. (in a good way)
indigenous a capella
glow in the dark crazy people from the UK

There will be an iron pour, tons of art booths, great food, and I will be there with a walkie-talkie running around like an idiot, butt-kissing the bands, and trying to look important.

So, I think you should all come. Wouldn’t it be nice for you all to get to hang out together without having to listen to me? OK.

check out details at

take care, Jeff