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Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

Let’s have a contest, shall we? For a while now, thanks to you all, Evil Webmaster Faust, and the miracle of Cyberspace (thank you Al Gore, you genius), I have been steadily laying the groundwork for complete domination of the “Indie Folk” sub-genre of the the musical Marketplace. As members of the “Jeff Mitchell E-mail Announcement List” you have all showed your fanatical dedication to all things “Jeff Mitchell”. From answering the “Bob Baker How To Be An Indie Whore” questionaire, to providing insightful “questions” for the “Jeff Mitchell Faux-Interview” interview, you have all, time and again, proved your worth. Today, it is time to give the Devil his Due. You shall be rewarded….

It is time for the “Jeff Mitchell E-mail Announcement List” to receive a new name. The List subscriber to supply the winning name (judged by Me, Jeff Mitchell) will receive a coveted CDR of rare and unreleased songs performed by Me. This CD will not be the same old same old. Oh no. It will be very special. And, not only will the winner receive the coveted CDR, but S(he) will also be awarded various Tchochkes Of Appreciation from my private collection. So let the games begin…

Also of note, if you are near Dubuque, Iowa, or would like to make a roadtrip, come see Me and Maureen Kilgore, Dubuque’s finest singer and axe-master give up the Singer-Songwriter goods at…

Molly’s Pub
Saturday June 24th, 9pm
Dubuque, IA

One last item. I just got word from Mike at Doubleplusgood Records that “Batteries and Blankets” has just been sent out to about 100 radio stations around the country. It was mailed out in tandem with Doubleplusgood alum Andrew Johnson’s new “Holly and Plastic” album. Here’s a whole list of all the stations and how to contact them to request songs from either album. I recommend addressing the DJs in a shrill voice so that they’re sure to hear you clearly over the rumble “subwoofers”.

I care for you all, and as a result, would like to leave you with this admonition. Woodtick season is upon us. I would ask that you all check each other for these small pests thoroughly and often.

your musical friend, Jeff Mitchell

KEXP Seattle WA Radio PhoneFax 206-520-5833206-520-5899
KSUB Seattle WA Radio PhoneFax
KAOS Olympia WA Radio
PhoneFaxRequest Line 360-867-6896360-859-7572360-866-kaos
KVRX Austin TX Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line
KNON Dallas TX
Radio PhoneRequest Line 214-824-9500 x234214.823.8930
KSYM San Antonio TX Radio PhoneRequest Line
KAUR Sioux Falls SD Radio Phone
WKDU Philadelphia PA Radio MD
Phone 215-895-2580215-895-5920
KBVR Corvallis OR
Radio Phone2PhoneRequest Line 541-737-2008541-737-3640541-737-4962
KPSU Eugene OR Radio PhoneFaxMD
KBOO Portland OR
Radio Phone 503-231-8032
WJCU University Heights OH
Radio PhoneFaxMD 216-397-4937216-397-4439440-773-6861
KBUX Columbus OH Radio Request LinePhone
WXYC Chapel Hill NC Radio
PhoneMD 919-962-8989919-962-7768
WZMB Greenville NC
Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line 252-328-4783252-328-4773252-358-6913
WSIA Staten Island NY Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line
WNYU New York NY
Radio MD Fax 212-998-1658212-998-1652
WFMU Hoboken
NJ Radio PhoneMD 973-678-8264201-521-1416
Columbia MO Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line
WUSM Hattiesburg MS Radio PhoneFax
KUMD Duluth MN Radio
MD FaxPhone2 218-724-2861218-726-6571 218-726-7181

KUOM Minneapolis MN Radio PhoneFaxMD 625-3500625-2112625-5304
KVSC St. Cloud MN Radio PhoneFaxMD
KMSU Mankato MN Radio
FaxPhoneRequest Line 507-389-1705507-389-5678800-456-7810
KQAL Winona MN Radio PhoneFaxMD
Kalamazoo MI Radio MD FaxRequest Line
WMUA Amherst MA Radio
PhoneFaxRequest Line 413-545-2876413-545-0682413-545-3691
KURE Ames IA Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line
KRUI Iowa City IA Radio MD
FaxRequest Line 319-335-7215319-335-9526319-335-8970
Champaign IL Radio PhoneFax 217-359-9338
Chicago IL Radio PhoneRequest Line 312-413-5085312-413-2191
WHPK Chicago IL Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line
WUOG Athens GA
Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line 706-542-8466706-542-0070706-542-4567
WVFS Tallahassee FL Radio PhoneFax
WOSP Jacksonville FL Radio PhoneFax
KCSU Fort Collins CO Radio
PhoneFaxRequest Line 970-491-7611970-491-7612970-491-5278
KUSF San Francisco CA Radio PhoneRequest Line
KALX Berkeley CA
Radio PhoneMD Request Line 510-642-1111 x03510-642-1189510-642-kalx
KAMP Tucson AZ Radio PhoneRequest Line
WMSE Milwaukee WI
Radio PhoneFax 414-277-6942414-277-7149
WBCR Beloit
WI Radio PhoneFaxRequest Line
WORT Madison WI Radio PhoneFax
WSUM Madison WI Radio
PhoneFaxRequest Line 608-262-1206608-265-3549608-265-wsum
Atlanta GA Radio PhoneFax 404-651-2240404-651-1705
CJAM Detroit MI Radio Phone 519-971-3606
CD101-The Independent Playground/WWCD Columbus OH
Radio Phone 614-221-9923
3WK St. Louis
MO Radio PhonePhone2 314-481-4711314-644-1380
Oshkosh WI Radio PhoneFax 920-424-0455920-424-7317
KFAI Minneapolis MN Radio Phone
612-341-3144 x15612-341-4281
KWLC Decorah IA Radio PhoneFax
WLUW Chicago IL Radio
PhoneRequest LineMD 773-508-8080773-508-wluw773-508-8073
WHFR Dearborn MI Radio MD Phone
KSSU Sacramento CA Radio PhoneFax
KEOL La Grande OR Radio
PhoneRequest LineMD 541-962-3698541-962-3333541-962-3466
KCRW Santa Monica CA Radio PhoneFax
KMSA KAFM Grand Junction CO Radio
PhoneFax 970-248-1718970-248-1708
WCUR West Chester PA
Radio Phone 610-436-2414
WNMC Traverse City MI
Radio PhoneMD 231-995-2562231-995-1091
Concord OH Radio MD 740-826-8380
WTPS Milwaukee
WI Radio Phone
WRKC Wilkes-Barre PA Radio
Phone 570-208-5931
KHNS Haines AK Radio PhoneFax
907-766-2020 907-766-2022
WICB Ithaca NY Radio
Phone 607-274-1040 x1
KSHU Huntsville TX Radio
PhoneFax 936-294-3939936-294-1888
KYMC Chesterfield
MO Radio PhonePhone2 636-530-7070636-532-6515 x517
KWCW Walla Walla WA Radio Phone
WARC Meadville PA Radio Phone
WSVA New York NY Radio Phone 212-592-2346
KUT Austin TX Radio PhoneMD
WCSR Milwaukee WI Radio Phone 414-410-4903
KCMP/The Current St. Paul MN Radio PhoneMD
KSFS San Francisco CA Radio
Home 415-282-2935
WIIT Chicago IL Radio
Phone 312-595-4949
WOUB Athens OH Radio Phone
WIPZ Kenosha WI Radio Phone
KLPI Ruston LA Radio Phone 318-257-4852
WASU Boone NC Radio Phone 828-262-3170
WDWN Auburn NY Radio Phone 315-255-1743
KRTU San Antonio TX Radio Phone 210-999-8333
WPTC Williamsport PA Radio Phone 570-326-3761
KDWG Dillon MT Radio
Phone 406-683-7393
WSND Notre Dame IN Radio
Phone 574-631-4068 rraffert@nd.ed
KFKX Hastings NE Radio Phone
402-463-2406 x7342
WSIN New Haven CT Radio Phone
KCAC East Camden AR Radio
Phone 870-836-5289
M3 Radio New York NY Radio
Phone 917-351-1021
WBKE North Manchester IN
Radio Phone 260-982-5424
NVWR Reno NV Radio
Phone 775-784-7073
WUMM Machias ME Radio
Phone 207-255-1371
WPMD Norwalk CA Radio Phone
562-860-2451 x2626
WPCX Clinton SC Radio
Phone 864-938-3006
WRFT Ambler PA Radio
Phone 215-283-1278
URH Hilo HI Radio Phone
KYVT Yakima WA Radio Phone 509-573-5013
KWSB Gunnison CO Radio Phone
WEXP Philadelphia PA Radio
Phone 215-951-1378
KUCO Edmond OK Radio Phone
KUNI Cedar Falls IA Radio Phone
WSCW Worcester MA Radio Phone
WSRI Eau Clarie WI Radio Phone

The Main Entrance and Dr. Kickbutt tunes…

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Hi All,

Just a couple things. First off, I’ll be playing a solo show at…

This Saturday, June 17th
215 West Blackhawk Ave.
Prairie Du Chien, WI

For those not in the know, (as we who are “in the know” are wont to say) the Main is a classic Wisconsin dive bar in the best sense. Lots of good beers, interesting folks, and a long tradition of support for original music. The Main regularly hosts blues and folk greats like Cam Waters, Charlie Parr, Joe Price, Radislav Lorkovic and many more. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth the drive. You can check out their schedule at…

In other news, I strongly suggest you take a trip to my jugband partner Aaron Baer’s website…

…and check out the new stuff he’s got posted there. There’s lots of video of Aaron, the Jackson Street Polecats, and Dr. Kickbutt and the Orchestra of Death (Baer’s vaudeville group. I play the saw.). He’s got rough mixes posted on the site from the soon to be released Dr. Kickbutt album. I think this is going to be a really fun record.

OK. That’s all for now. Hope all’s well with all y’all.

yours, Jeff