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Polecats in Oshkosh! / DPG Showcase! / Jeez!

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Hi all,

So the JACKSON STREET POLECATS, world famous JUG BAND and EXPERT MUSICIANS, will be playing this very weekend in the Fox Valley. “Where?”, you might ask. “When?!”. “Why?!!!!”. I will answer you…

POLECATS establish musical domination…

FRI. JULY 21 (8pm? / 21+)
(Jeff, Baer, and Nate / full-on show)
Cranky Pat’s
Oshkosh, WI
for free!

SUN. JULY 23 (9pm but come early to hear other performers)
(Jeff and Baer / guest slot at open-mic)
Rock Island Coffee
Neenah, WI
also free!

So, the other thing…

The Willis, The Poles, Happy, and Self-Evident
SAT. JULY 22 (8? 9?)
Peabody’s Ale House
Neither me nor the Polecats are playing this show but I guarantee you it will rock very much. If you like to rock, this will be for you. For sure. Bring your earplugs! See you there…

That’s all for now. For more shows, check out the “schedule” on my website at

take care, Jeff

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