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Thanks everybody…Happy New Year and tour junk…

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Hey All,

Just wanted to say happy holidays and new year to all you good folks. Thanks so much for a great year, especially you guys that came out to the Decorah and Oshkosh shows a week or so ago. Big thanks to Amalia Vagts for hosting a fantastic house concert at Chez Shack and her darn good opening set. Thanks to Arne Hengesteg for sitting in on drums. Thanks Sarah Voswinkel for opening up the Polecats show in Oshkosh.

Overall, thanks to all y’all for being great friends, supporting live independent music, for encouragement and criticism. Hope to see you all a whole lot more in the next year.

much love, Jeff

p.s. still in the works…New England Jackson Street Polecats tour in late January / Midwest solo tour late February early March…more soon.

Decorah, Oshkosh, and incredibly windy in NH…

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Hey Folks,

50 mph winds here in New Hampshire, but somehow, a very pleasant day. Getting ready to head back to the Midwest for the holidays and a couple of shows…

FRIDAY, DEC 15 / 9:30pm
Chez Shack
Decorah, Iowa
Solo w/ special guest (and host) Amalia Vagts
This is a house concert at Amalia’s place on Winnebago Street, just above Sim’s TV and Electronics. The public (whoever that is) is welcome, so bring a friend. The annual Burning Bright solstice concert is also that night so we’re starting late so’s not to overlap. Suggested donation $5, limited VIP tickets for $8. VIP includes a place on Amalia’s new sofa & drinks delivered to you all evening. Otherwise, it’s BYOB.

SATURDAY, DEC 16 / 8:00pm
New Moon Cafe
Oshkosh, WI
JACKSON STREET POLECATS will show you how we play ukuleles and enrich your life.

Can’t wait to see everybody back home.
take care, Jeff