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Wires of Webster

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Hey All,

Just got done with a new recording for you from the “assignments” series. It’s called Wires of Webster. It’s written in response to an assignment from my pal Steve. He played a bunch of the instruments on my album Batteries and Blankets. You might remember him from the mighty Oshkosh rock powerhouse The Willis, of perhaps as his current incarnation as Attack, Octopus. (both are on the “links” page)

Anyhow, Steve wanted me to write a song about the much beloved Oshkosh landmark, studio space, flophouse, etc. the Webster Building. It used to be a hotel, was converted to studio space for musicians and artists, then finally converted to apartments a couple years ago.

The song I wrote jumps off with a reference to “Webster’s Last Stand” a song by another fine Oshkosh band (that Steve has now weaseled his way into). “Wires of Webster” also fulfills one more assignment request. Amy wanted me to write a song about finding ways to make an unfamiliar place into something of a home. This song reflects some of the experiences I had with the incredibly generous folks who were renting studios at the Webster when I moved to Oshkosh and didn’t know anybody. They took me in and I sure am grateful. Give it a listen here…