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venue changes…

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008


couple of venue changes for the tour. St.Anna show with Charlie Parr and the Floorbirds is now at the Tavern on Germaine in St. Cloud, MN (Dec 7 2:30PM). Also, the Jackson St. Polecats show scheduled for the New Moon in Oshkosh will now be at the Rock Island Cafe in Neenah at 7pm (thats where all the manhole covers come from. Neenah, not 7pm).

can’t wait to see everybody. all the best, jeff
Charlie Parr,Jeff Mitchell,Ed's

My Beard.

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Hello everyone.

I’ve got something important to share. Some of you may be aware that for the last several weeks I have been growing a beard. Perhaps “beard” is a little strong. We need to be real about this. For years, I have entertained the idea (some of you are all too familiar with this) that I would look good with a no-moustache style Amish-type beard (cast aside that very few Amish people look good this way).

This current “beard” was to be still no-mustache, but including the extended goatee and “soul-patch” areas, which left me free to shave only my upper lip and my two mole areas on my cheeks (which look like daddy longlegs spiders if left ungroomed). This was attractive to me because it was not much shaving work and potentially, very handsome-looking. Alas…
my beard
I’m going to go shave now and hopefully I’ll have the strength of will to wait another five years or so before attempting this again. Thanks for listening.

love, Jeff

Oh yes, and two Jackson Street Polecats shows are now on the books. For the full December tour schedule, go to “schedule”. Who would’ve thought?
Fri. Dec 12 at the Acoustic Cafe in Menomonie
and Sat. Dec 13 at the New Moon in Oshkosh
See you and your attractive beards at the shows!