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fuzz fest, polecats, boats and bluegrass…

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011


Hope you’re all enjoying the tail end of summer. I am.

I case you thought I’ve just been sitting around on my tuchus, eating bon-bons, I have not.

There has been much activity as of late and my accomplishments are legion, but first, let me say this. A hearty cheer for evil webmaster Faust and his beautiful wife Tanya who officially have a bun in the oven. Huzzah!

On the musical front…

Sat. Sept 3 / 4pm
ILOVEFUZZFEST / @ the Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI
I’ll be playing at this celebration of the humble fuzz pedal with my musical droning allies, ROTBOX, which consists of Matt Haapala))) (The Heart Pills) on drums and doodads, Ben Hinz (The Ronald Raygun, Dwarfcraft Devices) playing the guitar through very loud amplifiers, and my bad self (self) on baritone guitar, Moog Taurus II, and electronic obnoxiousness. If you enjoy very loud, drony, nasty sounds, played at length, this is the performance for you.
Bands include…
The Abominable Showmen
The Bohemian Spaceship
Rot Box
The Otto Modest
Canyons of Static
Ronald Raygun

SEPT. 22-24
I’ll be playing a solo set on Thursday the 22nd. You really should come to this. Charlie Parr is headlining Thursday night. Friday is Sandman the Rappin’ Cowboy. This festival has so many musicians I love. Dead Man Winter, Pert Near Sandstone, The Roe Family Singers, Too Many Banjos, Michelle Lynn, and on and on. Just come. (please)

Watch for Jackson Street Polecats to play soon!

Also, Conrad Plymouth will be headed in the studio soon to record a full-length!

Ok. That’s enough! What do you think, I sit around and type emails all day?

much love, Jeff